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224, 00179 Roma, Italy
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Le Poulailler

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Family bedroom: 1 double bed + 2 single bed

Since 1933, our three previous generations had to find out all the possible « solutions » to eat. The garden could not be enough for everyone’s vital needs, so the makeshift house, located between the back of the building and the waterfalls which first sheltered the mares, was quickly turned into a henhouse. But the foxes found the poultry house very welcoming. Quickly, it became the ideal shelter for pigs and ducks. We let you imagine their fate when the fall began. Some taste buds still remember !


Thanks to a new conversion, the henhouse sheltered then the generator which provided electric supply to the hotel. Beyond the periods and customs, it will have always been the place of a certain din. What could be more normal that it became today the theater of the children’s racket…


Flat-screen TV
Free baby bed (on demand)
Hair dryer
Public outdoor parking
Satellite TV channels

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