Via Appia Antica,
224, 00179 Roma, Italy
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Superior bedroom – Double bed

The hotel is above all a women story! Strong-minded women, who have presided over the destiny of the place at each generation. Kind-hearted women, who have given this soul that Alexandra Casadebaing is perpetuating today, as a worthy heiress.


The first one of this so respectable line was Marraine. From her name Marie Casadebaig, she was already Jean-Pierre Casadebaig’s wife and soon the mother of 12 children, she was the one to participate actively in the construction of the building in 1933. The devotion she had to cast the walls of this building during the works entertained for a long time the stories of those who knew her. The natural authority she had to manage the establishment every summer ended up making her the tenured figure.


To the fragile and humble shelter first planned in 1933, she gave the foundations of a solid building which could face the hostility of the site and offer to this bedroom the comfort that you will appreciate!


Flat-screen TV
Free baby bed (on demand)
Hair dryer
Public outdoor parking
Satellite TV channels

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